Shooting Stars

I’m posting this piece that I wrote, which was published by Eunoia Review on March 25. Check them out at for more beautiful writing!

Eunoia Review

The horizon marks the most radical division of our human existence—the border between earth and sky. We are people of the earth; our feet are planted here, we are comfortable with its profusion, secure in its solidity and familiarity. It is tangled and crowded and even messy with life, but we know that tangle and are thus not troubled by it.

We can raise our eyes above the horizon, but most comfortably when we can trace the line of a building jutting into the sky, or follow tree branches up, up, to the final tiniest twigs. But then the landscape changes: profusion is replaced with emptiness, clutter with blankness, intricacy with vastness. The sky is uninterrupted blankness. Even clouds are wisps of vapor only, and stars, which we try to connect in constellations, making of them familiar pictures of earthly things—people, bears, chairs—are almost infinitely far from us and from…

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