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Worms in Rain

Rain swamps the already saturated ground and up they come, wriggling their oozy pink bodies through the soil’s surface and sluicing between beaded blades of grass. The thrumming of rain on the ground sounds like mole vibrations, sending earthworms twisting … Continue reading

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I love firelight, everything about it. Right now, as I write, soft, flickering orange bathes my page. Shadows play across the hue, the shape of my hand moving, the sharper outline of my pen, touching the page. From my right … Continue reading

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Watching the Gulls

I recently returned from a week in Florida, a much needed break from my usual grading and the Midwestern winter. While at the beach, I was amazed at the perfect symmetry and agility of the gulls. On shore, they are … Continue reading

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Shooting Stars

Originally posted on Eunoia Review:
The horizon marks the most radical division of our human existence—the border between earth and sky. We are people of the earth; our feet are planted here, we are comfortable with its profusion, secure in…

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