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Tent of Meeting

Within my tent, the thin nylon walls undulate, billowing with the gentle early morning breeze that is still wrapped in darkness. Just enough chill seeps through the fabric to challenge my camp heater, which stirs the drafts with warmth. Inside, … Continue reading

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Are You Not of More Value Than a Sparrow?

A bird died on our porch today. It was a chickadee, and it lay on its back with its legs pointed straight upwards, stiff and uncurled. I don’t know what could have killed it unless it was the cold, though … Continue reading

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Life in the Leaves

When the fire I’ve lit in my porch fireplace dwindles, the logs charred and bitten with orange embers, I scoop up huge handfuls of rustling leaves and toss them in over the cinders. Almost instantly they ignite, bursting into brilliant … Continue reading

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