Toolkit | Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style

My daughter: a woman after my own heart. In her latest post, she sings the praises of beautiful books, even reference books. 🙂 Watch for my next post, a response to hers, in which I share my own childhood (and beyond!) love for Roget and his thesaurus.

Kelsey Mitchener Editing

inside cover The Elements of Style illustrated

I’ve always had a soft spot for beautiful books. Bright covers, deckle-edge pages, crisp dust jackets, engravings, illustrations… there are a thousand ways to make a gorgeous book, and they are why I will buy the hardcover over the ebook every time.

Have I ever purchased a book just because it was beautiful? Well, I have to want the actual copy between the covers; I don’t own a book I wouldn’t actually read. But there have been many times that I’ve purchased a book I already have just because the design was so lovely. I’m most guilty of this with Jane Eyre, my favorite book: I have 29 different editions of Jane Eyre (don’t laugh!).

I’m always growing my toolkit of editing resources, including reference books. Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style is next on my list, and while I’m building my reference library, why not choose the…

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