10 Days of Gratitude, Day 7

Today in church, our associate pastor spoke about, of all things, giving thanks. Two points he made that hit home: 1. thanksgiving pulls our focus off ourselves and our desires and onto God 2. gratitude makes our faith more obvious, because we credit God with the blessings we have. He then proceeded to enumerate many, many blessings that we take for granted, emphasizing how rich we are. Here are some I want to add to the list:

1. The distant, lonely call of a whippoorwill drifting in the night air

2. lumpy snowmen flecked with mud and grass

3. deer tentatively stepping out of the woods at dusk, ears drawn back and necks rigid and attentive

4. freshly picked strawberries, unwashed and warm

5. the colors of Easter eggs: sky blue, rose, lilac, grass green

6. camp meetings in open tabernacles

7. bubble pipe vines tangling in the branches of ancient trees

8. the sharp, peppery smell of chrysanthemums

9. Roget”s Thesaurus and the gift of words it brought me

10. the scent and crackle of autumn leaf bonfires

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