10 Days of Gratitude, Days 4 and 5 :)

Life got in the way of my expressing my gratitude yesterday, but I doubled up today! Share your own blessings with me!

1. The wind-swept scent and rough texture of sheets dried on the line

2. Saving an earthworm which had crawled up onto the sidewalk during last night’s rain by tossing it back onto the ground

3. the National Gallery in London

4. the wavering yellow glow of kerosene lamp light

5. the sweet, heavy scent of mown hay

6. the song “O Holy Night”

7. milkweed dried to splitting, bursting with silky, spiked parachutes flying in the wind

8. Red Lobster’s garlicky cheese biscuits, hot in my mouth

9. ultrasounds that allow you to see  the miracle of life developing and the fluid acrobatics of a child exploring its dark space

10. pedal boating on a sparking pond, working against the little feet that operate the second set of pedals

11. Walt Whitman’s first edition of Leaves of Grass, with gold embossed vegetation twining into the dark green leather binding

12. cold A & W root beer in frosted, heavy mugs that are left sweating on plastic-coated wire trays hooked over my car window

13. trying to bury yourself in a grain bin of shelled field corn

14. fresh mushrooms from the woods, fried crisp and salty

15. re-runs of Get Smart

16. sharing the same books with your children that you loved as a child: The Secret Garden, The Yearling, Adam of the Road, Little Black Sambo, The Little Red Hen.

17. falafel

18. collecting rocks on the beach instead of shells: smoothed to the curve of your hand

19. fat bellies on kids when the rest of their bodies are birdy

20. the slick, curvy trails that sled runners make down hills

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