10 Days of Gratitude, Day 3

I’ll skip the Annie Dillard quotation today (but be looking for one later!!) and launch right into my litany of thanksgiving:

1. blotchy, impressionistic watercolor landscapes

2. the indescribable rustlings of a baby moving inside me, nestling closer to my heart

3. the mournful, haunting echo of a train whistle drifting through the night air

4. those rare nights tent camping when the breeze ripples the tent fabric, the sand is thick beneath you, and the night air is soundless and heavy with stars

5. Marino’s “All the Way” pizza in Deland, Florida

6. the scene in African Queen when Charlie goes back into the swamp to tow the boat even though he hates leeches: this is love

7. “I love you mommy you are nice to me” notes, scrawled on notebook paper in my daughter’s handwriting

8. Used bookstores and plenty of time

9. Rolling in warm laundry

10. Praise and worship songs that aren’t repeated eight times Or nine.

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