Monday Mournings

Ten things to be thankful for:

1. Baby birds wadded together in a nest, all yellow beak and gullet

2. The complete hardbound set of Winnie the Pooh books, given to you by your mother when you’re an adult. Because you like them, not so you’ll read them to your kids

3. hayrack rides and bright orange pumpkins

4. pouring your own buckwheat breakfast pancakes on the in-table grills at Ponce de Leon Springs, the chill morning air flooding in through propped windows

5. a crackling fireplace, toasting my back, then my front

6. the stark geometrics of bare tree branches in winter

7. Idaho’s “famous potatoes” license plate. How sad that’s all they can brag about 🙂

8. people in cars who wait for you as you run across crosswalks so you don’t have to break your stride

9. a long, hot shower on a cold winter morning, steam clouding the bathroom

10. flowers gathered by children, all blossom and stemless

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