Monday Mournings

Ten things to be thankful for:

1. White porch railings slicing the window view of the yard

2. Climbing gnarled, ancient trees with sloping crooks designed for nestling

3. A new box of Prang watercolors, before the colors are muddied and depleted

4. Burrowing into a hammock on an autumn afternoon, the breeze sifting crackled leaves down onto me

5. Working up a sweat, feeling your legs burn from cycling or running

6. God revealing new thoughts even though you’ve read the passage many times before

7. Struggling to compose a draft in longhand–seeing the words take shape and say what you mean

8. Newly-sharpened yellow Ticonderoga pencils

9. Jane Austen’s portable writing desk in the British Library: so close under glass, a writerly connection seeping through the barrier

10. Toasted, browned marshmallows, speared on sharp sticks and held over embers until only the thin crust contains the goo

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