Monday Mournings

Things to be thankful for–

1. Hearing your little girls’ voices singing praise and worship songs after they’ve been put down for the night.

2. Goldfinches’ bright yellow bodies flashing through the trees

3. Picnic, an English candy bar

4. bittersweet bunches, tied with twine

5. Goodnight, Moon

6. the communal rustling of thin Bible pages in the congregation as the pastor references a verse

7. red Smart cars with a rotating wind up on the trunk

8. the whoosh and sudden scent in opening a new can of coffee

9. hot boiled peanuts in a thin plastic bag, nearly melting through from the heat of the peanuts newly dipped from the steaming kettle

10. beignets and chickory coffee at Cafe du Monde in the French Quarter–the last place to close and the first to open

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