Monday Mournings: More Things to Be Thankful For

1. My teenage daughter voluntarily holding my hand when we walk together

2. cheese, Grommit: dill havarti, sharp cheddar, baby Swiss

3. sunflowers yawning towards the sun

4. sipping hot coffee in the morning before anyone else is up, hands curled around the mug

5. buying a haul of “new” clothes at a garage sale for under $5 and waiting for them to get out of the laundry so I can wear them

6. Badger Sleep Balm, for “poetic badgers and other restless wanderers.”

7. grits, smothered and covered

8. country blacktop roads with trees arching together overhead, light dappling and flashing between the branches

9. dozens of mismatched coffee mugs

10. the relationship between Pooh and Piglet

What are some of your favorite things? Send some to me!

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