A Majority of One

God does not need a majority. In fact, time after time in the Bible, God purposely reduces the number who are with Him so He can show His strength. One example is Gideon, who began with 32,000, was whittled down to 10,000, and then to a mere 300. We as humans tend to value numbers for their own sake, thinking them a sign of strength or solidarity or, weirdly, even rightness (can so many people be wrong?) I too often get discouraged when I see the direction of the culture and observe the number of those standing for the right slipping lower with every poll. It makes me fearful, I guess, that the right will not prevail, that evil will win out. But I need to remind myself, over and over, that God doesn’t need a majority to do His work: He and one other person, even, constitute a majority. Biblically, we know that evil will get the upper hand for a while, but that God and his “remnant,” only a scrap, win in the end. And God can do more with a few than we can with many, so numbers themselves are meaningless. Except One.

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