Running Commentary

images (1)  I am a runner.This year marks the 20th year I’ve been running regularly–woot woot! Running has become a large part of my identity–I can’t imagine ever quitting, barring something physical that makes it impossible. Most of my running has been done in the Midwest, which has its own special features. Today, I have five distinctives of running in the Midwest–watch for another five next week 🙂

You know you’re running in the Midwest if . . .

1. You can see the turn around point in an out and back run from your starting point.

2. Cornfields are your wind break

3. What starts as an easy sunny run ends as a “beat the storm” sprint

4. You get a sense of satisfaction in outrunning the combine in the field beside you

5. Every race you enter has the descriptor “flat and fast”

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