This Is How I’m Doing It

Thought a word of explanation regarding my tabs might help you know what I’m doing with this site. The “quotations” will be an ongoing collection of great sayings on different subjects. I will have them organized under thematic headers and will be adding to them periodically as I find more. I’ve been an avid word collector for years, so this tab might become unwieldy 🙂  The other tab, “Words Made Flesh,” will contain selections from my manuscript Warren Peace, a collection of creative nonfiction pieces written from the  vantage point of my cabin (see “About Me”!). In the book, modeled after Thoreau’s Walden, I go down several paths: It travels through women’s issues and cuts a broad spiritual swath; it is some parts memoir and some parts writing manual. It is entrenched in the nature writing tradition, established by Thoreau, Teale, Dillard, and others. My style is reflective and poetic, and the selections are quiet and thoughtful, contemplative reads. I intend the pieces to slow their readers, to prod them to notice the natural world more intently and to praise more fervently.I’ll be adding new selections periodically, so keep checking the tab for updates. My posts will sometimes be clips from my previous writing, sometimes new composition. I would love your feedback on what I write; please share the link with anyone you think might be interested.

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